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Christi Raunig, LAc
Family Acupuncture, LLC
Corvallis Acupuncturist

Acupuncturist in Corvallis, OR

Preferrred provider for Providence, Regence BlueCross BlueShield, PacificSource and HealthNet.

Corvallis Family Acupuncture

Caring, Compassionate, Experienced Healthcare.

Gifted wholistic medicine provider.

Five Element Acupuncturist

From allergies to anxiety, infertility to insomnia, pain to pediatrics, digestion to depression . . . I use traditional medicine to treat modern families for what ails them.

Illness and injury keep people from enjoying life at its fullest.
Sometimes it's pain, sometimes its illness or just an inability to turn
your mind off, or a nagging feeling that all is not well. 

Through this ancient healing art, I help my patients to regain their
sense of wellbeing.  After treatment, my clients report feeling calmer
and less anxious.  Their healing begins. 

But I don't stop there; I also work to help my patients to navigate the complex world of healthcare.  I do extensive research on each of
their health issues, finding the latest research supported recommendations for everything from diet to lifestyle modifications. 
I also sometimes recommend other practitioners who are well
regarded in their field and who can help speed the road to recovery.
There's nothing greater than a happy patient, unburdened by the weight of illness and suffering.  I look forward to working with you.